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USA PORTES doors with American look, made in Europe!

Our French brand USA PORTES is outsider

in the business of security door market

which exists since 2011 and it has a solid network

of partners with more than 20 years of experience.

From the start, our goal is to make security

doors accessible to everyone!

Nowadays, the price of a security door is outrageous!

Our doors are 3 to 4 times cheaper than

the doors from a known brand!

Our main argument is the quality/price/security ratio!

We offer our clients from Great Britain

the same price as in France !

The door will be sent to you in Great Britain at the

same price as in France, for only an extra 99 EUR.



- Reinforced metal frame included on all models

- Solid metal doors with reinforced steel structure

- Deadbolts on the hinge side (double safety)

- Safety innovation: quick and easy installation and safer

- Burglary-proof security locks

- Security locking system. On some models safe locks!

- Peephole included on all models

- Drill-proof reinforcements integrated in important places

- Many hardened steel deadbolts

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reinforced armored security house doors

Contact us and to check stocks before ordering

Tell us the dimensions of your empty door space for

installation, and attach photos of your current door

from the outside and inside, and any useful information

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reinforced armored security house doors

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